Software Architecture Camp | November 2 to 6, 2020 | Remote

Software Architecture Camp | November 2 to 6, 2020 | Remote

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Remote Training Content

Software Architecture Camp - Foundation Level

In this intensive workshop we prepare you with specific and practical knowledge for software architecture tasks. You will learn the methodical tools of successful architects: How should you proceed? How do you design and communicate your architecture? What tools are available to you? How do you evaluate architecture quality?

Workshop 'Soft Skills for Software Architects' (November 2)

In this workshop you will strengthen your skills in areas such as leadership, conflict management, and presentation. Working on cases from participants‘ everyday project life ensures a high level of practical relevance. The workshop contents are an excellent complement to the Software Architecture Camp Foundation. 

Please note: In order to ensure an optimal and high-quality training situation, a maximum of 12 participants are admitted to the Soft Skills Workshop.

Further Information

Detailed information on the content and agenda of the Software Architecture Camp Foundation, the Soft Skills Workshop and the iSAQB certification can be found here.


Johannes Seitz has been working in the software industry for over 10 years. His main areas of expertise include domain-driven design, IT reorganization, and agile software architecture. As a coach and trainer he helps teams to build or redevelop software sustainably.

Dr. Jörg Preußig is a member of iSAQB and has worked for many years as a software architect in a large corporation. He combines many years of practical experience in international IT projects with extensive stage experience as an actor. His training is characterized by high practical relevance. To this end, he links all theoretical contents with concrete project situations and works on practical case studies of the participants.

Notes on the iSAQB certification exam

The subsequent, optional examination to become a „Certified Professional for Software Architecture“ (iSAQB) will take place on Friday, September 11, 2020, from 15:30 to approx. 17:00. The exam is optional and will be conducted by an independent and commissioned examiner of iSAQB. We will register all participants for the exam in advance. If you do not want to take part in the certification exam, a short notice during the event is sufficient.
The exams are conducted online in the name of Future Network Cert by a supervisor from TestReach® who will check the identity of all candidates and ensure that the test environment is secure and without examination regulation violations. You can take the exams at home or at the office. Exams are available in German and English.
Due to the current situation, there may be a shortage of German-speaking supervisors at the moment. It is therefore possible that a German-language exam will be supervised by an English-speaking supervisor. However, participants will receive all information about the exam in both languages in advance.
The exam may be canceled free of charge up to one day before the exam date. However, if a candidate fails to appear on the day of the examination without having canceled in advance, the examination fee will still be charged. Participants will receive the result immediately after the examination’s conclusion. All participants will receive an e-mail with information about the result and sending of the certificate.

Please note: The 250 Euro fee for the optional certification as a „Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level (CPSA-F)“ is not included in the Software Architecture Camp participation fee. The appointed examination institution of iSAQB will settle the amount in its own name after the event.

The following technical requirements must be met for online exam participation:

  • Laptop or computer with 4GB RAM (no Chromebooks, tablets, or Surface Pro)
  • Operating system: Windows v 7.0 + or Mac OS 10.8
  • + Intel Core i3 + (or similar)
  • A fully functional webcam that can be used to scan the examination room
  • A fully functional microphone and speaker
  • Internet connection with a continuous minimum speed of 516 kps
  • Headsets are required if all the candidates are in the same room.
Further information about the exam you find here.

Daily training times:

From 08:45: Dial-in

9 am to 5 pm: Training

Tech check:

In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is necessary to attend a short technology check on Oktober 26, 2020, in the period from 10:00 to 11:00 or 15:00 to 16:00. Please dial-in directly via the link you received with your registration and our support will check all technical settings live with you. If you have any questions, simply write to


  • Colleague discount: If three or more colleagues from one company register at the same time, each participant saves 200,- €

Please note: The fees of €250 for the optional certification as „Certified Professional for Software Architecture – Foundation Level (CPSA-F)“ are not included in the Software Architecture Camp participation price. The appointed examination institution of iSAQB will settle the amount in its own name after the event.